Sunday, November 30, 2014

Second guessing below the surface

Look, I make mistakes too. So these words don't ring hollow for me.
“I should have let him kick it deep and go cover the thing and see what happened from there,” Richt said.
Well, at least not on the surface they don't ring hollow. Because the (long term) problem isn't that we lost to Tech, and it's also not that Morgan was asked to squib the last kickoff. I would expect Richt to use those words in the presser following the game.

But don't just second guess the squib kick. Second guess the idea of playing not to lose. Because that's closer to the heart of the matter. If I'm Coach Richt, there with 18 seconds left I'm seeing my players, who even though they haven't had their best game, are ready add another victory to the win column. I'm seeing one sideline across the field is deflated, and the one behind me elated. I'm seeing that I'm about to kickoff to a team whose leading kick returner has had two returns for a total of 20 yards. So in short, I'm seeing an opportunity wrap this one up with a big red bow.

But no, I am not Coach Richt and I am not sure what exactly he was seeing.

I'm not one of those that is over-reacting to the loss yesterday. Tech is a really good team, and when you give really good teams extra opportunities they are going to find a way to win.

And I'm certainly not one of those calling for a coaching change. The problems with the football program lie much higher up than the dudes that roam the sideline. We'll get into that in the coming months I'm sure.

But I am asking that we act like the goddamn University of Georgia. And not some sub-standard byproduct of its facsimile. Play to win the game each Saturday and with each snap of the ball.

As many have said, those seniors deserved a better ending. Very true. And I bet they wouldn't have chosen to give Tech the ball at their own 43 yard line, thereby breathing new life into the enemy and giving them a chance to win.

Or more directly, allowing your own team to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory.