Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday thoughts on the Commonwealth bounce back

In many ways this game shows you all you need to know about the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs. Flawed, often to a fault, but incredibly talented. And from the outset it was way too much of the latter for Kentucky to expose enough of the former.

- You can't start this without talking about Isaiah McKenzie. The opening kickoff was as much about great blocking as it was McKenzie's speed. But that punt return showed both his elusiveness and his ability to create seams.
- Mason had about as good a day passing the ball as one could expect. Comes at a good time too as we want him entering the showdown with Auburn confident. 13/16 and four touchdowns will do just that.
- And Brice Ramsey carries a nice mop, going for 80 yards on 5/5 passing with a touchdown.
- Even as the fans were calling for Gurley's return in the stands, anxious for the running back's return, it was impossible to not appreciate what Nick Chubb has done during the four game suspension.
- I ask you, what's more impressive, his five touchdowns, the 671 yards or the 102 carries? There's probably no correct answer. But that was fun to type out.
- Which begs the question, does Gurley start Saturday?
- Defensively, the intensity was there and that led to much better tackling. Probably most impressive was that they held Towles to 139 yards through the air. And a lot of that was coverage.
- If there's something that Pruitt is pointing to its Kentucky's 81 plays from scrimmage. That can't happen next week.

About to hit the road for home, so that'll do for now. Nice road win to wrap up a brutal span of time away from Sanford. It'll be good to be home. Real good.

Go Dawgs!