Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Thoughts on icing cupcakes

It's best to break games like this down into what we learned. And I'll do this in order starting with the most important...

- Lee Greenwood plays some kind of miniature saxophone. Weirdly cute y'all.
- Nick Chubb has a serious violent streak when you try and tackle him prior to when he is ready to be tackled.
via DawgJaytee
- Andrews, Mason, Herrera, Wilson, et al didn't let the rest of the team sleep too late.
- Concession stands ran out of pizza too early. Which made me look bad in front of the kids. Boo. Hiss.
- UGA has some badass members of the military. Seriously, is there anything General James Livingston hasn't done to protect our freedoms? Other than try and tackle Nick Chubb prior to being ready to be tackled.
- Chris Conley uses the force of stretching out for the ball better than the average Jedi.
- We can haz Rumph and the same game, not just the same jersey.
- Charleston Southern has a really, really good punter.
- Lee Greenwood is shorter than I expected.
- I shouldn't take the 12yo with me to the concession stand.
- No. In actuality, Georgia fans don't spit on opposing fans.
- With (or without) the ball in his hands, Quayvon runs with bad intentions.
- Kyle Karempelis is our most alliterative tailback.
- Richt asked Bobo to allow the Georgia punters to rest this week. He obliged. 
- The 10yo danced with me during Sanford Karaoke. 

Buttercup, don't break my heart. What'd I miss?