Friday, November 14, 2014

The twenty-four hour jitters

As usual I'll give you my keys to victory tomorrow. But here just 24 hours until kickoff, I have one big worry.

Can the crowd stay in the game?

I can see this turning heavily in Georgia's favor somehow. Much more likely I think it will be a close affair with one team taking control in the final stanza.

What we can't afford is for the electricity to wane if Auburn takes control early. So many college football games have little to do with the crowd noise and participation. They just don't. The teams determine the score in a sterile environment.

Tomorrow ain't one of those games. The fans have to be in it to win it from fifteen minutes before kickoff until the end of the game.

In fact, you only have to look at how Auburn's last game ended to envision some communication problems and confidence breakdowns at key moments. In that regard, like I've been saying all week, get there early and get there with your loudest voice. And then get louder.