Saturday, November 1, 2014

Two keys to SMACK A DAMN GATOR!!

It's GEORGIA-florida. It's Jacksonville. It's cocktails. It's GOOD vs evil.

It's time to hunker down and get that fourth consecutive win down here y'all!

1. Hit Treon early. Hard. As much as people are saying the gators will rally around Muschamp, the players will be eager to rally around their new quarterback. If he makes plays early their confidence will grow, steadily. Get his jersey dirty and watch the uncertainty set in. I have confidence that Pruitt will have his guys ready to dictate the terms when they have the ball.
2. Protect the football. This should probably be #1 because the first rule against a team that is unsure of itself and has no identity is that you never give them free opportunities. We can win this game without getting an interception or a fumble in the + column. But if we get into the - column then we're only hurting our chances.

GATA y'all!