Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two keys to victory: Auburn edition

Huge game. Win, and there's a good chance we're in Atlanta in a few weeks. Lose, and it's a long cold walk back to the car.

1. Touchdowns. A punt is a loss and a field goal just means you're not trying hard enough.
2. Win the turnover margin. Securing the football means you're giving Malzahn less chances to run the football, ergo score.

Auburn is in a curious position. They're coming off a hard loss that brought many questions to the surface. We know Malzahn is a great coach. Did he press the right reset button this week? I expect a loud raucous crowd and a back and forth slugfest. The coaches that did the best job preparing their team for that kind of game will be riding high tonight.

Have fun. Stay warm. And most importantly, Go Dawgs!