Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yep. What Tyler said.

Tyler nails it. The response is to the Auburn fan's reddit letter that I'm sure you've seen by now. I'm jumping to a reckless assumption, but I don't believe reddit was around back in 1986.

Anyway, Tyler's tone echoes most everyone that I know of and have talked to on this subject. I go to as many away games as I am able to. I learned many things about my mother walking out of Williams-Brice a couple months ago. Although I still don't believe those things to be true, I wasn't surprised that a close, emotional game that followed an extra hour or so of USCjr students tailgating funneling Natty Ice during the weather delay would create an environment that made me entirely uncomfortable.

It pissed me off, almost as much as the game itself did. But I eventually got over it.

Like Tyler, and hopefully many of you reading this, what I will never get over is seeing my fellow Dawg fans treat an opposing fan rudely. Yes, I'm aware that I just said I expect opposing fans to do and say such things to me when I'm in their stadium but not us. Not here. We should have a different standard. As he says, it's shameful UGA has rude fans, but like any other school with a tackle football team that plays outside of a dry county, we have them. It's our duty to step up and correct the behavior whenever necessary. Do whatever we can to keep a clean and welcoming house.

The first thing I did upon reaching my seats Saturday evening was find any Auburn fans within a close proximity. I didn't do that to single them out and make them feel unwelcome. And I certainly didn't immediately judge whether I would be able to propel the DNA in my mouth far enough to reach them. I found them so that I could make sure they behaved themselves while visiting my section. And more importantly, so that I could make sure they weren't treated in a way that would embarrass me, my family, and my alma mater.

Go Dawgs!