Monday, December 22, 2014

Bobo has a real sharp sharpie.

He's gone. And I'm in a really dark place. Really.


The man behind the playsheet used to be accused of being the dumb one with the crayon. Truth is he never, ever got out-coached by his peers. And now he's on the way out of town. And all I can think is he's the guy that realizes the ship is on fire before the rest of us poor, dumb assholes do.

I took you for granted. I'm sorry.
Gurgle gurgle. Blurb. Blurp....

Why didn't McGarity offer him a raise before he left on that plane last week?
Why do we lose coaches (note, plural...) to Mountain West teams? (Or whatever the hell conference Canadian State is in.)
Why don't we spend money on assistant coaches?
Why did we pay Grantham money that Bobo had actually earned?
Why won't Bobo get one last chance to pull Toddles pants down on national television?

I'm pissed. Sure, I understand this is a chance for Mike Bobo to prove himself as a head coach. And sure as shit that is the way Greg McGarity will spin this development. It's not as much about money as it is a difference in opportunity. Possibly. But we could've made just one measly effort to keep the guy that's been here since before Monica Lewinsky even bought a blue dress.


It's just really, really hard to hate something you love so goddamn much.