Monday, December 8, 2014

Fifth Annual Bowl Pool - Festivus4TheDawgNus

Welcome newcomers! The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances!

You're on strike from H&H Bagels. You find tinsel distracting. Or maybe you just got out of the schvitz and the lighting is bad on the porch. Regardless, Festivus is your heritage George! It's part of who you are.

So follow these ten simple steps:
1) Air your grievances.
2) Click the link.
3) Enter the password. (duh)
4) Pick your winners for all of the bowls!
5) Follow me on twitter for even more updates!!
6) Trash talk freely. It's encouraged, and almost required actually. "Heeeeyyy no-bagel-no-bagel-no-bagel-no-bagel-no-bagel!!"
7) Share the link to the group and the password (duh) with others as you see fit. Any friend of yours is welcome at my table.
8) Watch each and EVERY bowl game.
9) Continue to trash talk about your feats of strength, both in person and on the internets.
10) Then just sit back, relax, and admire how much better my picks are than yours!

Seriously though, winner gets a stylish t-shirt to help you embrace your roots. So follow the link to join and pick carefully.

PASSWORD = thehumanfund (all lowercase, duh!)

What is Festivus? Glad you asked.