Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grantham. Tremendous.

I've decided to piggy back on Estes' work in combining all of the thought provoking quotes and summarize yesterday's UGA Media teleconference with Louisville's defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

Put your thesaurus down folks. This should only take a sec.

Leaving Athens
"Tremendous decision on my part. Tremendous chance to unite with my brother, coach with a tremendous offensive mind, and pursue an ACC/National Title. Both of which we were tremendously close to this year. Well, at least one of them."

Facing Bobo
"Tremendous opportunity. Bobo is a tremendous offensive mind. Petrino, of course, is tremendouser. But still, Bobo is real good at doing what he's trying to do." 
"(whispers to himself)...carry the one, add the 2...Hey Mike, we winning?"
"Yeh Todd. We're winning."

Facing Bobo's players
"Houston Madsun is tremendously patient, waited his turn behind the other guy. Andrew Davidson is a tremendously tough center. Georgia is a tough, physical team. It's tough, really."

The Georgia players he stole took in
"Did a tremendous job for our scout team, which in turn helped them avoid pesky appointments to give urine samples to Coach Richt. Those things were a tremendous hindrance on my depth chart while at Georgia."

Stopping Chubb
"We won't. Not completely. He's real good at running the football, which is also something he wants to do when he gets the football. Have to avoid the long gains. It presents as a tremendous challenge."

On facing old faces
"I don't really give a shit about that. We had a tremendous season here. Other than Omarlo Wilson and Quincy Swann I don't even remember those guys' names."

On Pruitt
"He's a very good coach in what he's trying to do. I have no clue what the hell that means. And you probably don't either. But it sounds like I'm saying something nice when really it makes no sense whatsoever."

On possibility of giving the Georgia sideline the choke sign
"Nah. I knew I'm awesome. No reason to rub it in. I mean, my defense was tremendous in our time there. 8-1 against some rival teams I'm going to try and list for you in a second. I mean, nevermind it had more to do with the offense outscoring Florida, Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia Tech and Auburn and also Vanderbilt..oh wait... Again, Mike (Bobo) is a very tremendous coach in what he's trying to do."

Anything else?
"I like Belk belts. And also tater tots. You're welcome for the time this morning. You're welcome."