Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey Toddles, the truth is in the statisticals man.

When writing about an upcoming matchup, I'm one that usually falls back on statistics to find some angle or glean some other curiosity. And that's what Brad did here when comparing Grantham's run defense to Bobo's rush offense.

Here's the crux of his findings:
Georgia, of course, did much of their work while many of its stable of running backs missed several games for a number of reasons.  So it would seem that while the numbers look even going in, that the Bulldogs do have a decided advantage in the rush game vs. the Louisville defense.
Just like when Grantham was here in Athens, a lot of smoke and mirrors.
And ol' Todd has been blowing a lot of smoke about his defense. To his credit, they have been impressive in his first season. But Brad's right that the truth is in the numbers. At least right up until kickoff. A large part of why Georgia's rushing attack was so consistently dominant, despite the state of flux at the running back position, was due to the offensive line having such a great season.

The Bobo vs Grantham angle will continue to be the more intriguing story leading up to the bowl game, and most certainly during it as well. But Georgia's offensive coordinator is going to need those hosses up front o have a game more like Auburn than Georgia Tech if the Dawgs are going to get to that 10th win.