Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Louisville unworthy...??

Maybe I couldn't hear those of you complaining about playing little ol' Louisville above the noise of the rest who have been complaining about going to Charlotte instead of Tampa. (Like that's even a real argument.)
But that situation has been settled so now the order of the day is to defeat Georgia. This is what the Cardinals need to gain respect in the college football universe. Already the Georgia fans are belittling the opposition as unworthy of an SEC power like the Dawgs. Good! It reminds me of the Alabama fans (1991), the Michigan State fans (1993), the BYU fans (2001), the Florida fans (2013 and the Miami fans (2013). LOL. [emphasis added]
"LOL" is right Jack. You need to check your sources down here. Real Dawg fans are excited about the challenge of Petrino's offense going up against Pruitt's young defense. Sure, Petrino may not have the arsenal of weapons he'd prefer on his roster yet. But still, his scheme stretches defenses and forces them to play solid, fundamental football.

Plus, dude. You never even mentioned the Grantham angle.

Ahh. Good times.