Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mike Bobo saga - day two, in moving Holiday pictures

December always brings coaching rumors and news in college football. Actually, November brings it and then December douses it in lighter fluid and then flicks its cigarette casually in its general direction. And things have certainly escalated quickly in terms of Colorado State's head coach search and specifically how that relates to Georgia's offensive coordinator. With the help of Christmas Spirit as well as YouTube, let's take a peek at where things stand currently.

Feeling overlooked and underappreciated for his particular skillset, Mike Bobo strikes out on his own towards Fort Collins, Colorado.

Given the news, many fans react with raw and honest emotions. For reasonable fans that dwell in facts, they're pretty pissed at getting a low rent Barbie doll, or a can of soup, or entertaining the possibility of playing with a used dish sponge on Christmas Day. 

The lunatic fringe however, absolutely LOVES their new Mr. Literal Potato Head!!!1

Meanwhile, back at Butts-Mehre, Greg McGarity is just way too excited to operate in reality.

Now, how will these distinct subsets of persons find happiness and joy this Holiday Season, and especially just 13 days before the season finale? Stay tuned.