Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why the Belk is important.

Most of you aren't at all excited about this. And 50% of you that are...well, you're just pretending. Shut up! You aren't. Really.

Well, here's why you're wrong.

- 61. 31. 5. 52. 51. 39. 14. 82. 84. 88. 47. 96. 88. 
- If you don't care about them going out on top, GTFO of here.
- We lost to Tech.
- Lilly hates Grantham. I hear the Louisville defensive coordinator once made his "Vanderbilt face" at Lilly's daughter's 4th birthday party.
- Hey, we lost to Tech! Duh.
- Petrino sympathizes with North Korean computer nerds.
- They're one of the best teams in the ACC. (not sure which division, because....)
- Losing the last game of the season is worse than microwaved grits.

Buy a ticket. Or at least tune in, ya filthy animal. Go Dawgs!