Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why I hope the Belk Bowl takes Georgia.

Really glad Tyler did the heavy lifting on this earlier in the week. No one ever knows how the bowl selection will play out, but this year there is the added element of sorting through the CFB Playoff seedings and subsequent top tier bowl shake outs. Georgia is nestled somewhere below the SEC "access bowl" tie-ins, the Orange and Peach.

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The most likely destinations appear to be the Outback, Belk, and Music City bowls. If I'm being honest, once eliminated from the national spotlight all I care about is winning against whoever seems most willing to provide that extra W to close the season. A bowl win means nothing in the grand scheme of things. But it's nice for the senior class to go out with a win and can build some momentum in off season workouts and recruiting. Sure, blog hits take a dramatic January drop after a bowl win as opposed to a loss, but that's a side effect I will always gladly accept.

Back to opponents, the most intriguing is Notre Dame, which is who Yahoo has us playing in Charlotte's Belk Bowl. It would be a great matchup for Georgia's current team, and it would be a nice appetizer to the recently scheduled home and home between the two schools. ESPN is split with Schlabach and McMurphy's pick. One has us in the Outback against Minnesota (sure, ok.) and the other has the Dawgs in Orlando against Wisconsin (no, no thanks.) I'd rather not play the Badgers, plus I don't think the Citrus is a likely landing spot. But you never know I guess. Rounding out the projections, CBS agrees with Schlabach on Tampa versus the Golden Gophers (sure, ok.) and Phil Steele also has us in Tampa, but against Maryland. The plus side there would be slapping the Terrapins silly, but the downside is travelling to Tampa.

Looking at it from a personal side, anywhere but Jacksonville again is fine with me. But the only destinations I'd consider travelling to are to watch the Belk Bowl or the Music City. Nashville's a great trip. Good nightlife, and great food. Plus, it's not too far. With a 3:00pm kickoff you could even make it a day trip from the Atlanta area. But, Georgia plays in Nashville every other year. So I'd much prefer a trip to Charlotte, especially to watch the Dawgs tarnish those Golden Domes for sixty minutes.

A lot of fans like going to a bowl game in Florida, for the obvious reasons I guess - attractions, the (sometimes) warmer weather, beaches. And there are a lot of Dawg fans down yonder that deserve a reward for putting up with the gator jorts for 12 months every single year. However, I think a lot of Dawg fans would travel to Charlotte as it is within a few hours of Athens, is a new/different location, and, if projections hold true, would offer Georgia an interesting opponent.

Lastly, make sure and come back next week to enter in the Fifth Annual Bowl Pool - Festivus4TheDawgNus. Selections come out Sunday. So the pool should be up and ready for your entry on Monday. Happy Bowling y'all!