Thursday, May 15, 2014

Passive aggressiveness on North Avenue

Read this news nugget last night about Tech refusing to let UGA speak to their hoops player Robert Carter after the young man decided to transfer. My first reaction was - Well that sucks for Coach Fox since he's been looking to fill a roster spot.

But digging into a little further you get to McGarity's comments:
Fox asked UGA's compliance office to contact their counterparts at Georgia Tech to secure permission. When it was denied, McGarity called Georgia Tech athletics director Mike Bobinski, who did not relent.
"It's just a philosophical difference," McGarity said. "It's disappointing. Life is too short."
More from Towers' article here:
“Well, as per NCAA rules, we asked for permission to visit with (Carter), but unfortunately that permission was denied by Georgia Tech,” McGarity said Wednesday. “And that was very disappointing in light of the situation we had with Daniel Miller.”
Daniel Miller, a 6-11, 275-pound center, had signed with Georgia before Dennis Felton was fired as the Bulldogs’ coach and Mark Fox was hired from Nevada in 2009. Miller asked for a release from UGA and it was granted without conditions. Miller ended up transferring to Georgia Tech, where he scored 1,007 points over the last four seasons.
“The University of Georgia doesn’t restrict a student-athlete from any school that is seeking a transfer,” McGarity said. “The student-athlete’s best interest is at the forefront of our program. If they’re not happy here we’re not going to dictate where they can and can’t go.” 
Yes. And the little brother syndrome is in full effect, especially when you consider the case of former UGA center Daniel Miller a few years ago with no strings attached.

However, my second response was actually - that's a hole you're digging yourself there Greg. I mean, I'm not sure I want UGA to get in the practice of getting in the way of student-athlete's futures when they decide to move away from Athens with eligibility packed tightly into their suitcase.

But you can't complain too much when you're holding the shovel. Can you?

Video - Aaron Murray watches draft at home

From NFL Films, Murray's part begins around the 7:45 mark. We've watched this guy develop the last 4+ years and break all those school and SEC records, so it's pretty cool to get a sneak peak at his professional dream realized. (h/t SicEmDawgs)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

re: Nick Chubb fanaticism

My jaw has dropped over the same pictures that you have ogled over. I even found myself raving to family members about his size and speed over this past weekend. Which is not something I myself am accustomed to doing as it relates to teenage boys.

Which leads me to this: is anyone else worried about the ramifications of such frenzied excitement? First, the kid has yet to break one collegiate tackle and we're eager to crown him with all manner of future achievements. Second, we've been down this road before with more names than I care to count.

Of course, the first point would be a lot more worrisome if Georgia's backfield were not already stocked with talent. There's a huge difference between a kid like this coming in with a legitimate shot at being the starter and having to compete with another 5-star running back in the same class, not to mention a Heisman candidate and his experienced backups. Hell, we've had a freshman in very recent memory that was practically guaranteed to start before he even finished lifting the puppy.

Then again, it's May. We need some excitement. So after telling myself to lighten up, I also remind myself to be thankful the Georgia coaches were able to sign such talent despite the depth at the position. And then I take one more glance...

...and say to myself, "Impressive. Hope the ball ain't heavy."

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today's gator moment of zen

h/t Mac

Was it something I said?

I saw this picture yesterday. Reminded me of those times when a person gets dumped. Things are swell and the world is grand. Then the relationship grinds to a halt. The dumpee realizes things have moved on without him or her, but is still grasping for another chance. Praying for another opportunity to make things better. Desperate for a conversation when he/she can prove that things will be different this time!

And then the dumpee sees the dumper at the back of the cineplex on second base with someone new.

Yes. Murray has new threads y'all.

Has Aaron Davis "done messed up"?

Or is he "chirlish"?

So by now you know that Brendan Langley is moving from defensive back to wide receiver. This news is being met pretty positively from many that would prove much more knowledgable than me. After all...
Langley is listed at 6-foot-1 and 181 pounds, and played some receiver in high school.
Which is mostly why I really liked him at corner. He has good size and despite being thrown into the fire early last season I really thought I saw some promise there. Good skills, great hip turn, great reaction to the ball....great size!

Yet, behold. I am a lowly blogger. And we have Aaron Davis. Plus, you know, I always trust A-a-ron!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Closing arguments

Too poignant not to share DA Legge's summation.

Plugging the middle

There's no question we have an embarrassment of riches at running back. When completely healthy, you could argue we have similar depth at wide receiver.

And on the defensive side there's the linebackers. You start with two returning senior starters and finish with the wealth of talented younger guys eager to earn some snaps. Leonard Floyd appears ready for a breakout season. Davin Bellamy earned some praise this spring. Lorenzo Carter, the state's biggest recruit, comes in this summer.

But if there's one lingering question with this crew that we don't have on the other side of the ball, it's just how much of a rotation we'll see. Especially at inside linebacker.
There’s room for Kimbrough, Rankin, or even Vavlas or Dukes to push their way up the depth chart. The main question for the preseason, which may not truly be answered until the season begins, is just how much subbing will happen, and thus how many snaps will be available to players not named Amarlo or Ramik. Last year there were hardly any.
Pruitt is applying the pressure. His post-spring comments speak to a defensive unit that is starved for motivation (and evidently slimmer waistlines). We're lucky Herrera and Wilson are around to anchor a defense that is still looking for an identity after a sub-par season.

But I'd love to see some guys like Reggie Carter, Tim Kimbrough and Ryne Rankin see more of the field.