Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Junkyard Dawg Podcast #11 - Ainsley rushes the passer!

The youngest daughter joins me in the junkyard to talk about her favorite players, how the Dawgs will fare against the compeitition this fall, and what plays she'd like to see more of against the competition. 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Richt on Michael Sam

Look, if you think Richt hasn't recruited a gay player before you're either an idiot, blind, or both.
"It's interesting that you have that being that big of a deal. But it is a big deal," Richt said of Sam. "Anybody who has the courage to tell the truth about themselves that may be controversial, I give them credit. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it is. And because it was, it took courage."
Alabama head coach Nick Saban was asked Tuesday about whether he'd recruit a gay player, and said he wouldn't have a problem with it. Richt was asked if he felt the same way.
"I mean, if the guy can play," Richt said, chuckling, "then yeah we'll recruit him."
Don't be like the ESPN guys and make a big deal of this. It's about football. I'm proud of Sam for his courage. But more than anything, glad to see a really good player get a chance to make a living doing something he's good at.

Back to Athens, I don't care what a guy prefers to do in his own bedroom. Like Richt said, if he can play, and he wants to wear red and black, give him a working fax number!

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"Tailbacks" and "redshirts" do not belong in the same sentence

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, they're like oil and water. Never to be mixed.

Keith Marshall isn't the starting tailback for the University of Georgia. But he'd start for Clempson in 92 days had he not picked the right hat. In fact he'd start for about any major program that didn't have Todd Gurley on the roster.

So it comes as no surprise that Richt doesn't expect him to redshirt after Marshall's knee injury last season.
"Keith's working really hard. I don't think he has any limitations at all in his offseason conditioning," Richt said. "I don't anticipate him having any limitations when football begins."
In other words, barring a setback Marshall will play and at least be Todd Gurley's top backup.
"We're not thinking redshirt at all for Marshall," Richt said.
It was never likely that Marshall would redshirt, but offensive assistants had not ruled it out.
We've come a long way since Knowshon's first year in Athens folks. Because the bigger story is that neither sophomore nor incoming freshman will have designs on the scout team either.

Young fans, old fans, drunk fans, and Sanford Stadium

This is a topic I expect to address in an upcoming podcast. Sure, we've already kind of addressed it that way, but its an issue that begs for deeper discussion.

Here are the talking points as I see them...
  • Fan attendance is down across the nation. This is due to student apathy (especially at early kickoffs), HDTV experience at home (close to personal restrooms and beverages of choice), parking/tailgating headaches.
  • The home slate of games includes something short of nuns looking for a paycheck.
  • Interactivity is low for a society more and more dependent on immediate feedback, connectivity and a mute button.
  • ain't coming.
  • It's the economy stupid.
...please add any I've missed in the comments. We ain't done with this. Not by a long shot.

Good on ya Tray.

Richt digs your new leaf.
"I think he's on a turning point of maturing some, and becoming a very dependable guy," Richt said while attending SEC meetings. "I'm not saying he is a dependable guy, or has been at this point. But I have a feeling that that's his desire to become that. And he needs to. It's time."
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Now stop tweeting so much.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lester targets Saturday sales

Up in B1G country I bet this is viewed as a joke.

But down here in zip codes that are adjacent to Penn Wagers', it was undoubtedly met with a unanimous "Preach on Brother Miles!