Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two keys to strap on your hobnail boots

Remember, get there early and get there loud. As for the team:
  1. protect the football, and...
  2. put Worley on his creamsickle ass
If we don't give the vols any extra opportunities by getting sloppy with the football and we force that quarterback to make decisions under fire, we can go ahead and ring that bell all night long.

Go Dawgs!

Special teams will be a big difference this afternoon. Is Georgia just somehow due for a major mishap? Or do they really have things turned around this season? I think it's the latter.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Misery - "You'll see."

Touring the post-Civil War South, Abraham Lincoln reaches the Tennessee-North Carolina border heading east and leans over to his wife, "Time has not been kind to those f--king idiots, has it Mary? Perhaps one day they'll realize they can get their corn from both a jar and a stalk."


Jim Bob Cooter's theory of de-evolution gives rise to half bear, half cat
The head bUTchugger bout to fly his freak flag y'all. (via @mckelsey19)
Ancient Mesopotamians invented writing as a form of communication and the wheel as a form of transportation. Medieval Europe saw the rise of mechanical clocks, water mills and gunpowder. On Rocky Top they discovered wet dreams about mutant animals and family trees with no branches.

Tennesseans' offering to civilization? Alcohol enemas and "advanced" animal husbandry. Of course, it is possible that the former begat the latter. But this we'll never know for sure because in order to reach the top of one's social strata in Knoxville one only has to be able to script the letter "X". So you see, no records exist. At least until a few years ago when court documents show a group of University of Tennessee fraternity brothers cracked opened a box of Franzia and got extra giggly one night.
Broughton insisted his alcohol poisoning was the result of a drinking game called "Tour de Franzia," but police said he "showed signs of physical and possible sexual assault" and had a blood-alcohol content of .40.
Sad. Truly sad. I mean, it's goddamn hilarious. Don't get me wrong. But mostly it's just sad. Anyway, most anthropologists with experience in this region agree that it all started something like this: "Hey Earl, stick this here tube up my butthole, pour some corn likkur in thar and let's get to wrastlin' with Ol' Man Deckle's goats."

It's a real blessing that Charles Darwin aimed for the Galapagos instead of the "smoggy smoke" on old Rocky Top. Otherwise, the term "smoggy smoke" would actually, somehow make sense to the rest of us because we'd be dumbed down so much from our own monosyllabic grunts and dim-witted gestures over the years that we'd all be wearing squirrel caps, cream orange checker board pants and trimming toenails with our teeth tooth.

In Athens, we tote the rock. Not bricks
This Tenersee program is hungry y'all. It is as rich in tradition as it is triglycerides. Accustomed to competing at the highest level, but in the last several years they have become largely irrelevant. The Vols are like that one mule with the gimpy leg, or an outhouse situated precariously on a steep slope. They're a pathetic, incompetent mess grasping at pathetic, incompetent straws.

I meant bricks.

Seen here, a Univ. of Tennessee Resident Assistant
steers a dormitory towards campus. #VolNavy
Historically speaking, after enjoying a thirty-one year run with two highly celebrated coaches, they've had four in the last six years. Lane Kiffin promised to rebuild. But after an encouraging season that even included a pantsing of Mark Richt in Knoxville, he left the campus in flames. Figuratively. And literally. In came Derek Dools and he promised to improve shower routines to a Tuscaloosian level. Wuh? Errybody knows they don't shower in Alabama. Dumbass. Fired before season's end, a dude named Jim Cheney kept the Vol Navy afloat for the rest of the 2012 slate. And so here we are with Butch Jones and his pile of shitbricks.

So, to sum up, they've gone from a lawless class of Pahokee raiding, Prius driving, pellet-gun wielding, barroom brawlin', orange jumpsuit wearing soaking wet group of dumbass hillbillys holding a bar of Zest wondering what the hell it's used team of hungry bricklayers holding boxes of cheap fermented grape juice. Of course, Jones has them believing they can build a wall, now! Not tomorrow, not next season. Now. But no one's bothered to ask why build a brick wall? And when they finish it they'll just be a bunch of creamsickle hicks with their thumb up their ass wondering where the endzone disappeared to.

Brick by brick. Seriously, that's nearly as dumb as Anchor Down. Nearly.

This ain't about laying bricks. No, not for Georgia. This is about manhood. This is about keeping an assbackwards, down-trodden, half bear, half cat, all inbred tackle football team down where it belongs. This is about gettin' right. This is about making a statement. In Athens GA we don't have intimate relations with domesticated or semi-domesticated animals. We don't need a signature victory, because we already know how to spell our name. We don't use our toes as an abacus and we sure as shit don't climb up a mountain just to turn a stranger into a friend.

"You'll see." - Todd Gurley. You got that right B3AST. You got that right.

Let's bow our heads in prayer...Lord, hand the ball to Gurley. And please let us somehow and in some way smack some more ugly off these knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing inbreds. And then let them find a way out of Athens, hastily, with their poo smelling funnels carefully packed away. Amen.

Trending optimistic. Very.

I tend to agree with The Senator, what's not to like about this matchup for Georgia? Unless the Dawgs come out flat I just don't see a Tennessee team that can hang around for four quarters.

There's a lot of talk this week (and to be honest, probably every week from here on out) about Pruitt being able to generate a pass rush. It's absolutely crucial for this defense. Stretch that key to the game over the course of 60 minutes of tackle football and another important question comes to mind: Is Butch Jones' young offensive line in good enough shape to play this kind of game on the road?

One of their top receivers will not travel. Worley seems improved over last season, but this line has to have help in order to give him time to see downfield. Gurley missed last year's game in Knoxville, but feasted on them in 2012 - 24 carries, 130 yards and two touchdowns. A year ago, this game pointed out a lot of Georgia's special teams' problems as serious flaws. They've been corrected and have proven to be an advantage at times, a weapon even! This year it is Tennessee's special teams that have been shaky and inconsistent.

The only downside here is the start time. Last year's game against Missouri is still too fresh perhaps. But there's something to be said for a wild, frenzied environment. Last night's game between Georgia Southern and App State proved that. The Mountaineers were down 10-zip before they could even blink. By the time their offense avoided a three and out the Eagles had found their rhythm.

That comes easily from about 3:30 on into the night. Noon kicks have to have it manufactured.

So get there early and get there loud. I think we'll be pleased with the results.

"I started tearing up on that first kickoff."

Tramel Terry's come a long way. Great piece by Weiszer on his journey from ACL surgery to Bobo's wide receiver to Pruitt's defensive back.
“He’s got a lot to learn,” defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt said. “He loves ball, works hard every day and he’s going to be fine. He’s just got to continue to go to work. I did like his energy during the game. He’s still got a ways to go as far as getting the whole big picture.”
Said Terry: “I was an offensive guy, everybody knows that. I couldn’t move too well when I first got back off my ACL. I felt like I got all that quickness back. It’s just making me better. Knowing the offensive side of the ball is just making me a better DB. I’ve just got to catch up on the schemes of the overall picture better.”

HillBilly Hairy Nipple Breath

As Butchie is apt to tell you, when you're on work release and laying some bricks, sometimes the moment just catches up with you.

via BassinDawg

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dawgs vs vols - news from the hills

Some links to catch you up from the goings and comings in enemy territory.

- Vol coaches not only expect DT Trevarris Saulsberry to play Saturday (he re-aggravated a knee injury in August), but also to play a key role in the trenches.
“He brings presence in that he’s a 300-pound guy, and we’re a little short on those kinds of guys right now. He brings a lot to the room. It’s good to see him out there working with the reps.”
- Tennessee defensive coordinator John Jancek isn't distracted by his return to Sanford's sidelines:
“I could care less," he said. “I’m going there to win a game. I’m proud to be at Tennessee, and we’re going down there to try to do our job — obtain a victory.” 
Wrong sideline WilMart.
-  Something Cory hit on earlier this week, Tennessee will plan to use tight ends to help their offensive line in pass protection.
“We’ve had that in the package, as far as whether (the tight ends are) staying in for pass pro or just helping out,” Elder said. “That’s certainly part of the package, and we base that week to week on how much help those guys are going to need and so forth.”
-  Vol linebacker AJ Johnson is glad Gurley will be on the field for this year's game.
"I look forward to playing every opponent, but I know he's one of the top running backs," said A.J. Johnson, Tennessee's All-SEC linebacker. "I always like playing the best, so I'm glad he's back."
- At Rocky Top Talk, Chris Pendley previews the game and hopes Bobo doesn't run the ball much, if at all.
On Tennessee's side, this will be the deepest and best rushing attack the Vols have faced so far and likely will face this year (depending on your opinion of Alabama's RB stable). Their yards per carry allowed are solid enough so far, clocking in at 3.9 YPC, which is around NCAA average. Given that Tennessee's strengths lie in defending the pass (6.2 YPA, top third in the NCAA), that's another sign to run the dang ball.
- And OC Mike Bajakian on Pruitt's defense:
“They’re very disruptive. I think that’s the best way to describe them,” Bajakian said. “They’re very athletic and aggressive, they’re aggressive schematically and in their style of play. They create a lot of ball disruptions, take aways and we’ll definitely face that challenge.” 

SOURCES: Agent Muschamp 2.0

Seems a bit early for wild and unsubstantiated coaching rumors, no? Then again, 645 yards. Jeez.
Multiple sources close to the University of South Carolina football program tell FITS the 43-year-old Georgia native is being eyed for a job as the Gamecocks’ next defensive coordinator.  In fact our sources say Spurrier is lobbying hard for Muschamp’s hiring owing to two things: 1) Muschamp’s previous success as a defensive coach and, 2) the friendship the two SEC East rivals have struck up in recent years.
Muschamp – who played his college ball at Georgia – has built elite defenses at LSU, Auburn and Texas.  In fact his 2003 LSU defense – which helped power Nick Saban’s Tigers to a national championship – is regarded as one of the best defensive units in college football history.
Being a head coach does something to one's ego. Even if the OBC and Muschamp were the best of friends it might be too much for one sideline.

Then again, I'm probably just being argumentative because I really like what Muschamp is doing down in Gainesville.

That night in Athens when Rocky Top played all night long

Found myself feeling a bit overconfident last night. Watched some of this faded memory to get my mind right.

I don't give a shit if you wear red or black, and I damn sure don't want to talk about/coordinate before the game. It's a noon kick. Just have your ass in gear and your lungs full of air by 11:45.

We can't score touchdowns. We can't make blocks. We can't pick up the flags and shove them down Penn Wagers' little boy throat. But we can let those bUTtchuggers know DawgNation came ready to play if needed.

Go Dawgs!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fenteng likely done for season

Can still qualify for a redshirt, but goshdarnit!

Welcome young bUTtchuggers.

I bet Butchie is really glad it's not a night game.

Humpday Hilarity - HillBilly Mafia

(L-R Cletus, Slick and Mean Jeans)
Curious traveler in eastern Tennessee falls for "Balled Pnuts" sign and pulls car over to side of road.

Cletus - "Um, give us yo possum pelts."
Slick - "Yup."
Mean Jeans - [...silence...]
Cletus - "Ya makin' Mean Jean mad. Hand em over!"
Slick - "Yup. Possum pelts."
Mean Jeans - [...silence...farts, then...silence...]

Curious traveler steps back toward car and peels off through noxious cloud.

Cletus - "Heh. Got us another one boys."
Slick - "Yup."
Mean Jeans - [....silence...]

Even if the secondary doesn't improve all season.. ain't gonna be for lack of trying. (via Emerson)
Georgia's secondary was configured a bit differently during the media viewing period of Tuesday's practice. It did not, however, include Shattle Fenteng.
The junior cornerback, who was shut down the past two weeks because of shoulder problems, was not at practice, indicating that he's still not ready to play. Fenteng, a junior college transfer, was set to be a key addition to this year's secondary, but has yet to play.
A couple other defensive backs were back after recent injuries: Starting cornerback Damian Swann, held out of the Troy game because of a headache, was in a regular white jersey. Safety Quincy Mauger, who went out with a shoulder stinger, was in a green non-contact jersey but was participating.
Mauger was not with the first team, however, after starting against Troy. J.J. Green, the sophomore who was ejected for targeting after one play against Troy, was with the first team at safety in the nickel defense. Aaron Davis, who has started the past three games at safety, shifted down to cornerback. Devin Bowman, who started the first three games at safety, was also with the second team.
Sheldon Dawson, the junior who has not played in the past two games, was with the second team at the star position.
We've talked a lot about how refreshing it's been to see some adjustments within the game. Gotta also give Coach Pruitt his due for making changes day to day. He's been doing it since spring. And as nice as it would be to see a solid starting lineup week to week, it's good to know he's not just giving it an "Aww shucks" shoulder shrug and then return to banging his head against a wall.

Tennessee has their own depth issues at receiver

Josh Smith is still listed as questionable after missing practicing again yesterday.
Sophomore wide receiver Josh Smith, who’s still listed as questionable for Saturday’s game, did not practice Tuesday while recovering from a high ankle sprain.
Smith is second on the team in yards and was the only Vol to see the endzone against Oklahoma. Von Pearson is also nursing an ankle sprain and isn't expected to play.

However, it sounds more and more like Georgia's young secondary will see big Jason Croom, 6'5" 243lbs, out of Norcross GA. He missed the game in Norman altogether, but practiced in a regular jersey yesterday and appears full go coming back from a sore wrist. He only has 52 yards receiving, but is averaging over 17 yards a catch. You know Worley would like to get him back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Murray's a Chief and Gurley's healthy

New year, new mindset.

"...we've played them tough recently with worse teams."

Brick by brick. Rocky Top ain't completely reconstructed just yet. But that doesn't keep John Hollingsworth from taking a very realistic stance.
Chances of a Vols win (on a scale from 5-30): I'm going with 10. One one hand, this is one of four teams that present the biggest challenge for Tennessee. On the other hand, we've played them tough recently with worse teams.
He's completely right. Starting with last season and Pig's fumble. Of course, 2007 is another good example. Like 2007, Georgia enters this game already with an SEC East loss to South Carolina. Unlike last season, Georgia enters this game with a healthy Todd Gurley.

Win, and you avoid becoming Butch Jones' biggest "brick" yet. Lose, and just gonna be a lot of dark sarcasm in the classroom.

Tenennesse's numbur won fan

Meet Lil Billy Dickens. Graduated first in his class at Lower Valley Special Prep School for Goatherders and owns seven sets of these sheets.



Richt on the "injuries".
We’re hopeful that they’ll all be back by the Vanderbilt game,” Richt said. “It just doesn’t look real promising this week.”
Scott-Wesley appears to be serving a four-game suspension, but Georgia hasn’t confirmed that his marijuana arrest last fall while injured brought more than a one-game suspension.
The Vanderbilt game is the fifth of the season and second violations of Georgia’s drug policy bring a four-game suspension.
Scott-Wesley missed practice time with an ankle injury, but appeared to be full-speed in practice last week but did not play against Troy.
Conspiracy theories abound. The bottom line is that we won't have these guys Saturday for a big SEC East tilt. Time for Reggie Davis to step up and stretch the field. Between him, Conley, Bennett, and McKenzie, I believe Mason has everything he needs in terms of targets. If Bobo can keep the Tennessee linebackers and safeties honest, it's gonna be another big number type of day offensively.

Dawgs vs vols - film review

Admittedly, this is a very Sooner-heavy highlight reel. But I wasn't going to watch the whole game last night. Just wanted to see what we could glean from some of the Tennessee action against a worthy opponent.

In short, it wasn't pretty.

Some thoughts:
- You don't see much of him here, but Jalen Hurd had a decent night averaging nearly seven yards per carry. Given that the game didn't get out of reach until the fourth, its curious that Hurd only rushed 14 times. Meanwhile Worley passed 44 times for 4.6 yards per attempt.
- At about the 7:30 mark there's a nice play action and quick, deep lob into man coverage. If Tennessee stacks the box with an extra safety I could see Chris Conley winning that battle against either Justin Coleman or Cameron Sutton.
- Looks like the Tennessee defensive front was worn out before the end of the first half. Oklahoma was opening up plenty of holes for their back up the middle and beating white jerseys to the edge. I sure hope our offensive line can lean on them like that.
- Defensively, a lot of the pressure came from the Oklahoma linemen. But there was a designed blitz or two using a defensive back. It's clear that the Sooners aimed at giving the young Vol linemen plenty of looks to digest. Much more than they could handle really. Much.
- That being said, Worley never seemed to adjust and decide to deliver the ball any faster. Be interesting to see if that's something they worked on during the off week.
- Also, at about the 9:40 mark listen to how much trouble the offensive line was having with the snap count. Even the center was saying he couldn't hear.
- Now consider this quote from one of their more experienced players who's been to Athens before:

- Not so sure I believe that, especially given that the game in Norman was at night and we'll be kicking off to a second consecutive nooner. But it's food for thought for those of us venturing into the friendly stands in Sanford Stadium.
- Towards the end it's clear the Volunteer safeties are playing deep. Oklahoma has threatened them enough to be able to exploit the middle of the field with intermediate passes and well blocked runs up the middle.
- Would be nice to see someone like Isaiah McKenzie or Reggie Davis stretch the field enough to give Mason (and Gurley & Co.) that much room to work with.

So putting all that in a nutshell, I don't see any reason Gurley can't have a big afternoon. If Oklahoma's freshman running back could average 7+ yards per carry, then Georgia's stable of running backs should give ol' John Jancek a big headache.

Defensively things get a bit more complicated. But Jeebus, that offensive line is one match short of a tire fire. Worley can zip the ball in there. We just have to find a way not to make him into someone bigger than he is like we did a couple weeks ago with Dylan Thompson. 

That should do for now. What are your thoughts? Especially if you happened to see the whole game.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Treyvon Paulk is tired of "simulating" Todd Gurley

Five Vol questions

If you're looking to introduce yourself to the state of things up on Rocky Top, this is as good a place as any to start. The Volunteers are coming off a bye week staring at a tough stretch of games ahead, one that will certainly define their season. And as I stated earlier, it starts with their youthful offensive line.
Through three games, Tennessee's allowed nine sacks after the veteran group that put four players on NFL rosters surrendered just 15 all of last season. A better comparison is perhaps the 2010 offensive line, also an inexperienced group, that also allowed nine in the season's first three games, including six to Florida.
After starting a different lineup in each game, Tennessee appears to have settled on a five it likes, so the Vols hope the unit will jell and true freshmen Jashon Robertson and Coleman Thomas will improve with more experience.
Can Tennessee get that thing settled before Justin Worley loses a limb? Hopefully they're still looking for that particular answer this time next week.

"It's not a bad way to play a ball game."

The next step to accepting the fact that at Georgia, the quarterback is just a supporting role this season.
So head coach Mark Richt was asked Sunday if, given the talent at running back, this is just who Georgia is going to be this year?
“Yeah it’s possible,” Richt said. “There’s no doubt there’s talented bunch of backs, and we’re run-blocking pretty darn good. It’s not a bad way to play a ball game.” It’s only a small sample, but Georgia ranks 12th nationally in rushing offense, at 304 yards per game, and second nationally in yards per rush attempt, at 7.73. Only Wisconsin is better.
On the other hand, Georgia ranks 107th nationally in passing yards per game (167.3), and 102nd in yards per pass completion (10.46).
We need Hutson Mason under center this season. And eventually we're gonna need him to make a throw to win a ballgame. But the offensive identity has shifted.

The ball ain't heavy. So keep on running it.

Dawgs vs vols - the early line

A lot of discussion last night about Georgia opening as a 19 point favorite over Tennessee. I'm no Vegas expert, and I agree that might seem a bit high, but here's why folks:

  1. The vols offensive line is not good. And they'll be up against a hostile (albeit it entirely too sober) crowd. In fact, this Tennessee o-line is their clear weakness.
  2. Which makes them easy to figure out offensively, at least on paper. Of course, anything could happen Saturday, but Pruitt should be able to generate pressure up front which only helps his young secondary.
  3. They can't stop Gurley. Or anyone behind Gurley. Which likely means even a close game could pull away late as Georgia will want to pound away like they did in the opener.
So at this early juncture, it's really strengths vs weaknesses on paper. Tennessee is 62nd in pass offense, averaging just 5.9 yards per attempt and completing just 58% of their passes. Given that those numbers dropped significantly in their first road test against Oklahoma, the oddsmakers aren't confident that Justin Worley can exploit Georgia's defense the way Dylan Thompson was able to.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dawgs a big favorite over HillBillys. Duh.

When bUTtchugging really goes wrong

Sunday Thoughts on a shutout

Nice day. Nice crowd. Great win.

- this was a "get right" win. No mistake.
- there was nothing that concerned me.
- except officiating. But that goes without saying, right?
- with all due respect to Sony Michel, who had a tremendous game, my player of the game is Greg Pyke. You pick a dude up and throw him in the endzone and you and Jesus are just alright with me.
- the defense found a way to pitch a shutout, and that included Tramel Terry "catching" a pass y'all!
- the QBs? Mason looked good, Ramsey looked good, and Bauta looked unstoppable in the red zone.
- wildcat? Yes. Please!
- raise your hand if you wear a Georgia helmet and have NOT played on defense...
- prayers for Quincy Mauger and Keith Marshall. 
- Brendan Douglas got to truck a couple Trojans. Life is good!

Bring on another nooner!