Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As Chubb takes over, a look back

After the Belk Bowl someone said to me that Chubb might actually be better than Gurley. My response, which I thought was a foregone conclusion, was that he already is.

And of course that's no knock on Gurley. He's a special back and the kind of player that makes the stadium rise to its feet whenever he gets the ball. You just never knew what he was going to do next.

But Chubb should surpass what Gurley was able to achieve in Athens. Comparing their freshman seasons it's easy to see how one comes to that prediction - one fewer game, three less attempts, yet 162 more yards.

Sure, there are many potential pitfalls, injuries and hurdles in Chubb's future; some of which his predecessor was not able to avoid. But given what we saw this season, the way 27 was able to carry the load time and time again, then provide the exclamation point on the season with a 266 yard outing, it's easy to be even more excited about this running back's potential career than we were with Gurley's two seasons ago.