Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meanwhile, up on Rocky Top...


Less than a week before National Signing Day and Butch still hasn't replaced Bajakian.
"Hear it might be decided tomorrow…maybe not for another day or so," Roussel tweeted in response to a question regarding updates on the Tennessee search.
That "tomorrow" ain't Friday. It was actually yesterday. So rumors that the big time HillBilly donors aren't happy with Jones tapping Mike Debord as the new OC might be true. Can't say that I blame them as Debord's last bit of experience as a QB coach and OC was way back in the mid-80' Fort Hays State. (I'll save you some internetting and tell you that FHS is a Division II program in Kansas. Although for all I know back in 1986 it may have been a penitentiary.)

Then again, shouldn't Butch know who would be the best fit for his staff? Tennessee is a program with some momentum. Jones hasn't blown the doors off up yonder, but at least he's opened some of them back up and got the Vols back into post-season play. Nothing kills momentum for a program like a lackluster recruiting class. And I can't imagine many offensive players with stars by their names and on the UT radar feeling completely settled at not having an offensive coordinator.

No wonder Coach Jones sent a spy to Auburn last weekend.