Thursday, January 29, 2015

Montana to Appleby to Washington...??

According to this tweet from the Dan Patrick Show this morning...
...the famous Munson call may have begun with the legendary Joe Montana taking the snap, giving the ball to Richard Appleby on the end around, before it was hurled to Gene Washington for the touchdown in Jacksonville. All while Ray Goff held his helmet and watched from the sideline.

Montana signed with Notre Dame in 1974 when Ara Parseghian was coach. Freshmen weren't allowed to play back then. And by the time Montana was a sophomore Parseghian had retired, due to health reasons if I recall correctly. Hard to believe the Hall of Famer would have any regrets. Like, at all. But pretty cool to imagine what might have been.

Okay. That's enough nostalgia. You can all leave and go back to more present type day recruiting stories...

Trickeration at the WLOCP. (via Anti-Orange Page)