Monday, January 26, 2015

Redefining "commitment"

Let's try a little exercise today, shall we?

When you settle in at home this evening, invite your wife or significant other over to sit with you on the sofa, look deeply into her eyes, and explain to her that you are around 70-80% committed to her. And that the only reason you're looking around is so that you can make sure you've made the right decision...for both of you.

Then let's all meet back here tomorrow (those of us still drawing breath) and see if we have a clearer idea of the full definition of the word commitment.

To those that get deep into this recruiting stuff, that's just picking nits. I know. Just hoping there are still people out there that see the absurdity of the "terminology" used. Then again, if the world were perfect, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt...Lady Diana and Prince Charles...Bill and Monica...The Everly Brothers....Kiffin and Orgeron...they'd all still be together.