Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The seasonal affective disorder in Athens meme

Yes. It's that time of year. The time of year that's so consistently depressive that you can set your calendar to it. The one that's so typically nerve-wracking that you can pre-schedule your therapy sessions. Its so much a part of the off season discussion that Estes is naturally compelled to include it on the laundry list:
Are there any more transfer concerns? 
It's pretty common to see players choose to move on after the season (and fall semester) in search of better opportunity at another program. Then another window for that opens at the end of spring practice (and spring semester). Could Georgia have some others leave the team? Sure, it's possible. Running back, wide receiver and the secondary still seem to be potential hot zones for those types of things, but you can't ever rule that out at any position.
Can everyone stay out of trouble? 
And sadly, there is this. OK, this is an annual topic for pretty much any college football program. There is a long time between the bowl game and the next season's opener, and there will surely be some off-the-field issues pop up during that time for the Bulldogs. If there is a difference this year, however, it is that Georgia's first two games are not against teams like Clemson and South Carolina. Instead, the Gamecocks dropped to the third game on the 2015 schedule behind a home date against Louisiana-Monroe and a week two game at Vanderbilt. It might be a bleak view to point this, but the start to this year's schedule could help Georgia when it comes to any possible suspensions.
Nothing says winter blues and spring discontent like attrition and police blotters. Hopefully some meaningful madness in March can hold our gaze through April Fools.