Wednesday, January 14, 2015

There's no place like home.

Realize I'm late to the party (been a bit busy trying to find the CFB Playoff consolation game on ESPN).

But dude, no.
Georgia is in the process of lining up a neutral site nonconference football game in Atlanta in an upcoming season, athletic director Greg McGarity said on Monday night.
“I think that is something that will be in our future,” McGarity said on the “Bulldog Hotline” radio show. “I’m not sure how quickly. Maybe sooner than later. Those are all things that I think are good for our program to be in Atlanta. I think there’s definitely a good chance that’s going to happen sooner than later.”
How is it good for Georgia to play a game in Atlanta? You know, as opposed to 60 miles home?

I know I've been hard on the ol' athletic director of late. With good reason. But we were just getting back around on speaking terms. There are men making a profession of coaching tackle football at Butts-Mehre that are getting paid commiserate to their peers now. We've come a long way since Bobo flew off into the sunset.

And now that weasel wants me to ride MARTA again? In August? To quibble with scalpers?

And then there's this:
"With the guarantee that goes along with those games," McGarity said, "you can more than make up what the revenue would be for missing a home game, at least for the institution."
Well. As long as the fat cats and dipshits get their cash, screw the hotels, motels, restaurants, stadium employees, liquor stores, Waffle Houses, local charcoal industry, not to mention the poor miserable bastards like me that just like to go spend a Saturday in Athens as opposed to Atlanta, elbow to elbow with hobos, freaks, corrupt councilpersons, and transplanted yankees from <University X>.

Eff it dude. (nsfw)