Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What Bradley and McGarity don't get

No, I didn't read Mark Bradley's latest puff piece on his new found amigo Greg McGarity. Doesn't it say more about a washed up columnist at a dying POS newspaper when you don't have to read the garbage to smell the dead fish and rotten chicken bones?

But from message bored posts and elsewhere I can surmise that Bradley still thinks the world of the Georgia AD. He applauds McGarity's sticktoitiveness in keeping ol' Mark Richt's feet to the coals. He especially likes the way the Georgia AD uses a Golden Corral coupon when he picks up the lunch tab*.

But what both of those gentlemen don't get is that this all came to a head at the worst possible time.

Does it suck that Richt's team took a bad Florida for granted, even if the head coach won't admit it? Absolutely. Does it speak volumes that a very good Tech team tried their best to hand Georgia a win and yet a very good Georgia team couldn't claim it? Yes, absolutely. Will Steve Spurrier hit the BBQ joint trails this summer claiming yet another win against a superior Georgia team.

Ok, yes. Now stop.

Ok. However, it is an athletic director's job to either make a move or support the coaches to the very end. It is not an athletic director's job to leave a head coach and his staff to fend for themselves for even a second. Whatever the hell was going on behind the scenes last Tuesday, and whether you like my synopsis or not, Richt was left to answer a question he should not have. No, it wasn't another dumbass radio jock making an ass of himself and trying to get a headline under his belt. This was a question that had to be asked.

And that's unfortunate. Because what that "writer" and his lunch pal don't understand is this is the height of the season for very talented young men looking to help tackle football programs. Those are the players that will decide who gets the hardware and who gets the lesser bowl games. While Bradley was getting McGarity another plate of strawberries and chicken wings from the fudge fountain, Richt was desperately trying to keep some commitments at ease while he prepared for the season finale and then hit the offensive coordinator trail. While they were sipping their unsweet tea from the same straw, Richt was holding his coaching staff together by the skin of his teeth.

Must be nice to throw away money at a glorified food trough and call it "work".

I don't really give a shit what Mark Bradley does. My suggestion however would be for him to apply to Golden Corral as a meat carver. He's evidently good with gristle. But my two suggestions to McGarity are more on point: either 1) do with your mouth what you just did with UGAA's cash and support your coaches, or 2) just STFU.

As for me, I'm not simply sitting in Coach Richt's camp. I'm eternally in UGA's camp. I'm committed to the G, not any personality or supposed wordsmith. I'm a Dawg and Coach Richt is our coach. No, it ain't always sunny and the kicks can be funny. But it's the most comfortable spot I can find.

Go Dawgs!