Monday, February 9, 2015

Commit to the G??

Smokewagon, Walter and I were having this discussion just a few nights ago. 
“I’m reading a lot of these websites, and you’ve got people on there saying things like ‘A kid shouldn’t commit to a coach; he should commit to a school,’” Macon County coach Larry Harold said.
“I just want to tell those people this, because maybe they don’t know: If you’ve never played sports or anything like that, you are more than just a coach to these kids. You’re their dad, their mom, and their extended family. You’re everything to these kids. So when they’re going to get recruited by the next coach, to find the person who is going to be charge of the next four years of their life, they are looking for the same things.”
Recruiting is about relationships. Some of us have a deep rooted relationship with our alma mater. Understandably so.

But a 17 year old from Montezuma GA has yet to experience the Glory Glory of trying to make a 7:50am class after nickel night at O'Malley's. (Or whatever...)

Anyway, I agree with Tyler. I hope the kid makes the best decision for him. He just got caught up in the perfect storm of not being entirely sure, more than one set of gloves as props, and having national, local, and regional media in attendance.

I mean, who hasn't been there and done that?