Wednesday, February 4, 2015

National Signing Day Liveblog - 2015

Today ends a process the coaches started years ago. Building relationships and building this class of new players. Hopefully tailored specifically to the team's needs. And for the players faxing forms today, today ends a process they started many years ago. Congrats to all of them!

Here's some links of interest, if you were to ask me.

- Wanna know what it's like to fly under the radar? MaconDawg interviews preferred walkon commit Nick Robinson, who is coming all the way from California!
- Preach Blutarsky! There's recruiting for stars, and then there's recruiting for prosperity. Hopefully we get a very well-rounded class today.
- Dude You Crazy was kind enough to link every post he's written about this class.
- The Dawgbone, as usual, will have all the updated links.
- You can follow my NSD list here. Or just use the widget below.
- And if you really get bored, you can find some of the fun we got into previously in 2014 2013  2012  2011  2010 & 2009.

I'll post some pics and try to have the coaches' video posted later on. For now, I'm off to grab some coffee and hit the road! Go Dawgs!!


First things first...

Light crowd, but building.

- 10:30. Two big targets announce in the next 45 minutes, both for positions of need. Do we get both Roquan Smith and Rico McGraw? (I say yes.)

- btw, Yall see Coach bUTTchugger...
 Definite two star.

- Richt to speak in about twenty minutes.
- Nope, he's early. Let's see if I can get these loaded.
- videos will take a while from my phone, but will be posted asap.

- can't embed from my phone. And I got a call in the middle of filming. That evidently stops the camera. Wtf. Anyway, here's the link to part one -

- Rico is a huge get. Glad he flipflipflopped.