Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Big OOC games on the (distant) horizon

We'll probably have flying cars by then, but McGarity is eyeing key non-conference matchups for the 2020's.
"I ask staff, I ask friends, I ask donors, if you had two or three places where would you like to go? And they've aligned with what I think," McGarity said Tuesday before a UGA Day in Albany. "So that's what we're trying to do, is do some experiences not only for our fans but our students."
You can scratch one possibility off the list: Ohio State.
Georgia and Ohio State had a memorandum of understanding to play in 2020 and 2021. But that was canceled by Ohio State, and McGarity said it will not be revived.
"Once Urban came in that was off the table," McGarity said of Urban Meyer, hired as Ohio State coach in 2012.
Michigan is another unlikely opponent, McGarity said, pointing out the Wolverines were "tied up" with other schools, including Florida.
But the A.D. played coy when other schools were mentioned by reporters.
"I think Penn State would be a great matchup," McGarity said, nodding when USC and UCLA were also thrown out. "You're thinking like I'm thinking. Those are the type of venues that we'd love to play in. You mentioned three, and those are three that I would agree with you on. You've got the Coliseum, the Rose Bowl and Happy Valley. I think our fans, that'd be pretty neat. So that's the type of iconic things that we're talking about doing." (via Emerson)
Nice dig at his former corch there, huh?

Losing that game in Corvallis a few years back has always stuck in my craw. There's some great beer up yonder. Hopefully they wouldn't run out like the Sun Devils of Tempe did when we came to town in aught eight.

On a related note, the administration is spending more money and they're scheduling big non-conference games that will excite the players and the fans alike. Now if they'd just stop piping in that engiNerd song I might just have to pinch myself.