Monday, June 15, 2015

"Strikes and gutters, ups and downs."

Hey look! All this down time and I still remember how to embed a vid.

Back when I told y'all I was slowing things down here I didn't expect things to get to such a crawl. Not going to apologize of course, it's just that suddenly life got up and got busy. What have I been doing while slacking off on blogging this offseason? Since you asked, changing jobs is one...lots of projects around the house...said goodbye to a 16 year relationship with our old water heater, and all I got as a parting gift was an insurance claim...watched all of Sons of Anarchy...

However, I do have some things working. I should have a Georgia football related book review up in a day or so. Joining Weiszer and Page on their Bulldog Bytes Podcast later this week. And hoping SEC Media Days will provide some blog fodder. Actually, has it ever not?

And to be perfectly honest, the down time has been nice. The feeling the need to write something each night to post the next morning had gotten to me. Things will pick up in August as camp breaks and the season looms nearer on the horizon. In some way, it will pick up around here as well. Just not at the break neck speed of a five star blogger.

I think Rivals has downgraded me to a two star. Which is about right when you consider my forty time.