Thursday, July 16, 2015


Been stewing on this for a couple weeks. My biggest takeaway from the UGA SEC network take over day, was from the 2005 SEC championship game against LSU. They kept talking about how Georgia was not expected to do well that season. Uncle Verne et al continually attributed our success to the seniors on the team.

Now, think back. This was a team that was really one knee injury away from a potential national championship game. This was a team that had exceeded even its own fanbase's expectations. They used a stingy, aggressive defense. And an offense that took whatever the defense offered. Add in a quarterback that had been chomping at the bit, and you had an SEC East team ready for mayhem.

Sure. The seniors under 2005 Coach Richt are different than the ones under 2015 Coach Richt. Back then the roster was set based on some kind matriculated status as opposed to talent. But the basic premise is the same. At least that's what I believe. You have to have good leadership to make it to Atlanta in December. 

So, we had it then. Do we have it now?

Much has been made about Chubb being left off this morning's private UGA charter to SEC Media Days. Last year we took two seniors (Ramik and Conley) and a junior, Todd Gurley. Sure, Nick Chubb is the key to the season. But is it really so bad that we leave him at home?

I don't think so. I think the 2015 Georgia Bulldogs will rely on young talent to make plays. But Richt will always rely on senior leadership to drive the bus. And if you look at the roster, we have upper classmen all over ready to lead. That's going to become important somewhere down the road.