Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tailgate Roundtable - the center situation

Day two. Here's yesterday discussion on the quarterbacks.

Perhaps more importantly, who snaps the ball to the eventual starting quarterback?

AHD - I think Wynn gets the nod. He's a soph and had two great guards in Kublanow and Pyke to help him when he needs it. Long will provide valuable back up. 

Robert - When I look at starters returning on the offensive line for any team, I look at the center position.  This IS an important question.  I guess they are looking at Kublanow, Wynn, and Long in that order.  We have been lucky recently with injuries along the offensive line.  They do have the luxury of Wynn and Kublanow playing at guard, so that will play a role in the decision of starting center once they see which unit works best together.  If they stay injury free along the offensive line, it will probably be Kublanow with Wynn at guard.  It seems like there is a lack of depth along the line, with only 6-7 guys that can really contribute.  An injury to any position would really shake things up.

BDB - I think Wynn gets the nod too. But I'm satisfied either way. Hearing great things about Coach Sale. Hopefully whoever he goes with has the same fire in his belly that Ben Jones and David Andrews had.