Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tailgate Roundtable - let's look at the schedule

Day six of seven. Today we take a look at the schedule and discuss what might be the biggest road bump.

Which game on the schedule worries you most and why? 

AHD - UT. They are next after Alabama. It is at their house. They will come out and smack us in the mouth from the  opening whistle. We are the better team. That won't matter. We will need to play some "old man football". 

Robert - Just like the yearly predictions of who is going to represent the east and the west in the SEC Championship game, the answer to this question never seems to play out as we suspect either.  In the SEC, all games are big.  When I look at the schedule, I just do do not see how UGA can make it to Atlanta if we do not win in Tennessee.  If UGA goes into Knoxville without a blemish on the schedule, it means that UGA defeated a top ranked Alabama team 7 days prior.  That is a prime let down spot.  If UGA were to lose to Alabama, a loss in Knoxville would most likely end all hopes of playing the first weekend of December.  Tennessee is the biggest game on the schedule, and therefore the one I am most worried about.

BDB - I usually point to Jacksonville. There's never a bigger game in my mind than the next time the Dawgs are on the banks of the St. Johns. But...that's voting with my heart. You've both convinced me on Tennessee. A lot of "new talk" coming out of Athens of a revived and renewed purpose towards winning. If that holds true, this revamped coaching staff is going to find a way to avoid the annual "let down" game(s). I think we match up well against Bama. That's doesn't mean I'm sure we win. But I agree with AHD and Robert that regardless of what happens on October 3rd, the following week on Rocky Top will be huge.