Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tailgate Roundtable - prognosticating 2015

Last day. Thanks for joining us. We wrap up the series with our overall feeling about how the season will play out.

Okay. Here in July, what is your overall feeling about the upcoming season?

AHD - There is not anyone on our schedule we can't beat. Stay healthy, catch a few lucky bounces, and we are in Atlanta! And we will be 8-0 at Mark Richt Field after this year. ;-)

Robert - I am not very optimistic.  That may very well be a good sign, because for the last 10 years I have predicted UGA going 12-0 and playing for a national title.  There is a lot of potential if they find an answer at the quarterback position and he plays above everyone’s expectations, but the schedule is challenging.  Road games at Tennessee and Auburn will be huge challenges, and I learned my lesson not respecting the Florida Gators last season.  Combine that with Alabama coming to town, but the truth is, they are the least of our worries.  It isn’t all doom and gloom for me though.  I expect to see improvement overall.  I think we will cut down on some of the mindless mistakes we made last season. I think we will see this team play with more intensity.  I think the defense improves as a whole.  We are recruiting at a new level.  Overall, UGA is on the rise!

BDB - My optimism really rides on the feet of Chubb and what I think will be the best Georgia defense we've seen in about a decade. Still, we're young at some key spots. And I agree with Robert that there are some key challenges in this schedule. Even though I'm one of those old guys that hates the cupcakes, this is one of those seasons I'm kind of glad we open the season slowly. Getting to Atlanta will be a difficult row to hoe, but it's one I could see this team navigating. So I'll go with 12-3, a trip to the Dome, and just outside the CFP.