Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tailgate Roundtable - the receivers

Day three. Here's Monday's discussion on the quarterbacks and yesterday's on the center.

After losing some dependable hands in Chris Conley and Michael Bennett, who do you see leading the team in receiving this year?

AHD - Wesley was scoped yesterday. IS Mitchell ready for prime time? I hope so.  McKenzie is a year older. And maybe Godwin can live up to some  of that hype. Our new OC likes to throw to the TE and we have two good ones.

Robert - Malcolm Mitchell, if he stays healthy.  I just feel like he has so much potential, but he has really struggled with the injuries.  We are blessed with a lot of playmakers at this position.  Mitchell, Davis, Scott-Wesley, and McKenzie have all had big moments.

BDB - I should point out that Robert emailed his responses before the JSW news. Hopefully it's true that he'll be ready by August. I'm big on the tight ends too. The more we run our backs the more versatile the tight end position can be.