Sunday, August 30, 2015

Patience, a noun. (part one)

"In this day and time, patience gets your butt fired."

Tracy Rocker, ladies and gents. Please, try the veal.

There's been little question that Trent Thompson is gonna have to be the key to helping stop the run and making plays that eluded Pruitt's first Georgia defense in losses to Florida and Tech last season. But it's nice to know two things: 1) Thompson's being groomed by President of the Athens Chamber of Hardasses, Mr. Tracy Rocker, and 2) Mr. Rocker plans to rotate his d-line.

In 2012 we had two future NFLers at nose and Grantham wore Jenkins and Geathers down to the point where in the SECCG they couldn't stop Bama from anything they wanted to do on the ground when it counted the most. Glad Rocker is bringing his talent along as it develops.

All of that aside, "patience" is an interesting word for this season. Let's look at that a little closer in the next post...