Saturday, September 12, 2015

Keys to commanding the Commodores

I think Groo pretty much nailed it:
Georgia showed some progress on special teams in the opener – kickoffs were usually boomed into the endzone, coverage was effective, and punt returns were uneventful. Georgia got to one punt and affected another. The day was a win for special teams. If we get more of that in Nashville, Georgia should win comfortably. After the special teams disasters of the past two games in Nashville, it’ll be a positive development if special teams are just a non-factor.
Nothing can swing a tackle football game like a big play on special teams and turnovers. So protect the ball and execute each and every task effectively in kicking situations and we should have a nice afternoon on Uncle Verne’s lap.
Get sloppy and it has too much potential to be a long drive back home to Desperation Town.

PS. Follow me on Periscope, and/or Twitters. If I remember I’ll post some sights and sounds from the game at Vanderbilt Stadium, where we’ll be wearing red. Go Dawgs!