Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lambert, Ramsey, and Bauta walk into a huddle

Here are four scenarios for how the quarterback position could play out. And really, I think I'm okay with any of them. Also, feel free to provide your own if you think Leonard Floyd can throw a spiral hand it to Chubb.

Lambert takes the reins
It’s a key moment in the game. Something like it’s third and medium distance, or we’re backed up to our own goal line, or it’s fourth down at midfield, and the coaches put the ball in their starter’s hands. They send in a play that immediately tells Lambert -If you want this team, here are the keys. We need you NOW!

Big throw to Malcolm Mitchell for a big gain. And not just a tunnel screen or one of those quick outs where 26 is one on one and he beats the defensive back’s attempt at a tackle for more yards. No, this one is all 11. Deep throw that is on the money and moves the chains or adds to the scoreboard.

Ramsey finally steps up
He’s had his moments. And he’s made some big throws. But a moment arises when he’s in the huddle and he makes a play. And unlike “Lambert takes the reins”, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a key moment, but if it were it would only add to the confidence level I’m sure.

What I envision is a long drive that puts all of Ramsey's talent on display. There’s a big throw down the sideline. A quick out to move the chains. A key block when Sony suddenly reverses field. There’s a line of scrimmage audible when he sees something he doesn’t like. Then, as the clock drains towards halftime, it’s third and three at the 25 yard line. Timeout by Richt to give Schotty time to come up with a play. A field goal would extend the lead to a touchdown. Can we get more here with just a few seconds left? Sensing a handoff to Chubb one safety cheats towards the line of scrimmage just before the snap. Ramsey looks the other safety off and then fires to the slant route on the wide side of the field. Right between the 8 and the 1. Touchdown!

Bauta’s patience pays off
Lambert sustains an injury while Ramsey throws a pick. Or vice versa. Either way, Bauta enters the huddle and moves the chains, most likely with his arm and his feet. In fact, it starts with a run on a zone read play very similar to the play Lambert scored on in Nashville last week. Defense keys on a handoff to Chubb and dares Bauta to throw. But he does neither and scrambles for 15-20 yards.

On the next play we max protect and Bauta hits Mitchell on a crossing pattern right over the blitzing safety’s head. Now the defense is on its heels and Chubb gashes them with two carries for another 30 yards. Bauta hits Blazevich on a drag route that appears to be heading for six, but replay shows the tight end’s foot was out at the three.

No worries. Naked bootleg and Bauta powers over a crashing defensive back and dives forward across the line for a touchdown.

Status quo
Lambert continues to start with Ramsey coming in at designated times for a complimentary drive of TBD length/time/yards/points. The playbook eases open a little more each quarter and both the running game and the passing game benefit. During the game against Southern, all three quarterbacks get live work in and have good days. This makes the receivers especially happy.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. The only question becomes can Lambert make the throws with the weight of the game on his shoulders. Because that exact moment is coming sometime in October, if not sooner.

See y'all, we got this. Bring on the 'cocks!