Thursday, September 10, 2015

Looking for Sakerlina tickets?

Saw a brief drop in Gamecock tickets earlier this week, but looks like the ones our official broker had that were below $100 have been purchased. Have heard a lot of people looking for extras after the ones South Carolina returned were snatched up. And for those unwilling to pay the ultra premium that a UGA-Bama ticket will likely cost, the South Carolina game is one many have circled as the game to catch this season.

And I don't expect these tickets to drop again, mostly because both Georgia and South Carolina should take care of Vanderbilt and Kentucky respectively this weekend. The Wildcats may be improved this season, but how much improved is still a matter of debate. And an evening game at Willy-Brice is a tall task, as Dawg fans can attest.

So I scanned the offerings and there are some good seats at a good value for this SEC East tilt. Upper level starts at $121, and there are many lower level seats for just a few bucks more. One in section 122 for $143 and other singles that range up to $184. A pair of tickets in the lower level will cost you just under $200/each.

Normally I wouldn't find these prices newsworthy. But given that the home schedule has but a couple of games that are compelling and this may be the only affordable with a chance at Sanford under the lights, thought I'd pass the info along. The more Dawg fans at this game the better, right?