Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Schotty gon' shoppin'?

The ink isn't even dry on Lambert's new NCAA record and the AJC is already shopping off our new offensive coordinator to a head coach gig somewhere (program TBD).
This will be the point when the two connecting stories finally part ways. Lambert will have found a home in Athens, and Schottenheimer will be free to start looking for one again. The longtime assistant that has already interviewed for at least two head coaching jobs and was rumored to have interest in at least two more over the last decade will be an attractive name on the market once again because of the newest line on his resume. And this time he will probably get one of those head coaching positions he covets so much because he would be able to say, “Did you see what I did with Greyson Lambert?”
Schotty, we hardly knew ya!

What happens when his quarterback throws a pick against Southern this Saturday? Or lines up under right guard in a couple weeks to Uncle Verne's chuckles? Or steps on Chubb's ankle in a clumsy backfield exchange?

In other words, Saturday night was tons of fun. but we're three games into a long season. Let's not get too carried away, shall we?