Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday's Soggy Southern Thoughts

First and most importantly, thoughts and prayers for Devon Gales. More tests being run this morning at Athens Regional. If you'd like to share some of those thoughts and prayers directly, I found their coach's contact info here:


Not a lot to say, but here's a few things to propel us into a week that is sure to be fraught with words, memes, tweets, posts, bulletin board material, and then more words.

- My initial takeaway after the first half is that Coaches Rocker and Sale are going to have a lot of asses to chew this week. I thought Southern played with a lot of intensity in the trenches and for a big span of the first thirty minutes were winning the battle at the point of attack.
- Other than that, the game went about as expected. Chubb got his yards. Michel dazzled. The reserves got plenty of time and played well. 
- Lambert picked up right where he left off against the Gamecocks. Beautiful deep pass to Mitchell that was called back.
- The kick coverage was better. I'm sure the players heard a lot about it through the week. Willie Quinn had a long of 32 yards and averaged just over 20. That shows some accountability for improving in that area after the USCe game.
- The crowd was good for a non-conference cupcake after a rainy tailgate. The Southern Band was as advertised. We had a few Jaguar fans in our section. Quiet bunch until halftime when they moved to the edge of the tunnel and recorded the show while singing and dancing.

All in all, a good warmup to a week we've been looking forward to for quite some time. Get some rest, take your vitamins. Go Dawgs!