Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two keys to a warhawk cupcake walk

Welcome back to college football in Athens y’all! On Saturday morning I traditionally give a couple keys to victory and on Sunday I try to follow with a recap, time permitting. Here’s what it will take to make us smile through the Labor Day weekend.
  1. - Keep Chubb under ten carries. And really, ten might be too liberal an estimate. If we need 27 to win this game our problems are varied and far-reaching. Far, far reaching. Getting the other aspects of the offense involved is a real goal for Schottenheimer - the other backs need work, the receivers need live reps, and who am I forgetting...oh yeh, Lambert needs some live looks too.
  2. - Defensive ears stay pinned back. ULM does not have a good offense and will start a redshirt freshman quarterback. Pruitt has gone on record this week saying his defense doesn’t need to be externally motivated. If that’s true he should be able to stay pretty much in a base defense and let his playmakers do their thing.

Score points. Rest starters. Give two deep live, gameday experience.

Seems easy enough. Let's pack the car and hit the road!