Thursday, October 29, 2015

84's time to shine

Sure, the shoulder last season had something to do with it. But this game has to be another big reason Leonard Floyd came back for 2015.

Groo beat me to the punch (and landed it more expertly of course) with his post on containing the running game. Georgia's defense this season has underperformed in some ways, but stopping the run of late hasn't been a problem.

My guess is playing disciplined defense has been one of Pruitt's points of great emphasis this week. Just take a look at Cory's breakdown of last season's disaster and it's a clear reminder (albeit an uncomfortable one) of just how easily effective Florida's offense was.

I especially like the point he makes as to the entire defense functioning together. It's clear in some frames that we have the play defended. One guy misses a read or loses sight of the goal in front of them, and then boom...Taylor is into the secondary. Again.

Now, I don't see Florida completely trying to replicate last season's game plan Saturday. But it shouldn't matter. As Cory alludes to, the defense should be seeing those 2014 WLOCP frames in their sleep at this point. They should come in with a chip on their shoulder and play with the discipline the coaches and fans expected last season.

Back to Floyd. This game is made for him. If Jenkins is indeed back or close to 100% it only gives more for this patchwork Florida offensive line to think about. Bellamy has been huge and Floyd will have a field day disrupting running lanes outside and Harris' vision in the backfield.

Then it just becomes a question of whether our offense can control the ball, field position, and the scoreboard. That remains a mystery.