Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Humpday Hilarity - the HillBilly Mafia strikes again

(L-R Cletus, Slick and Mean Jeans)
Curious traveler in eastern Tennessee falls for "Rocky Mowntin Owysturs & Direkshuns" sign and pulls car over to side of road.

Cletus - "You wan a dozen?"

Slick - "Yup. Take a dozen."
Mean Jeans - [...silence...]
Cletus - "Ya makin' Mean Jean mad. Take a dozen now fir he gets fiesty!"
Slick - "Yup. Dozen rocky mowntin owysturs."
Mean Jeans - [...silence...]

Curious traveler asks which way to See Rock City.

Cletus - pointing north "Attaway."
Slick - pointing south "Attaway."
Mean Jeans - points west [....silence...]

Curious traveler scowls and leaves the men to their inbred hijinks.

Cletus - "Got us another one boys!"
Slick - "Yup. Bamboozuled!"
Mean Jeans - [...farts...]