Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jancek vs. Schotty, what gives?

It's hard to find a strength from the defense that ranks last in the conference, but Jake Rowe hits on something with Tennessee's secondary that I noticed in their game against Florida.
The safeties, Kelly and Randolph, both have the ability to be effective close to the line of scrimmage. Many teams have that one player who can roll down and become the extra defender, but Tennessee has the luxury of two. That allows John Jancek to flip his pressures and his coverages without being concerned about whether or not he has the right defender in the box.
I'm sure Schottenheimer has stressed this point over the past week especially. One way to counteract that and help Lambert out is to check down to a receiver out of the backfield. Of course, as Rowe also points out, if you gain yards on first down you take away this Tennessee defense's aggressiveness.

We should be able to run the ball well on Saturday. But I wouldn't mind seeing Sony or Quayvon catch some balls out of the backfield either.