Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Schottenheimer went out and picked Lambert."

This dissertation by Legge is both wordy and on point. Since it's an off week at the height of the new offensive coordinator's disapproval ratings, it comes in swinging. Hard.

For me, it does two things: 1) marries Schottenheimer to Richt's hip, and 2) suggests that we shouldn't expect too much change, even given the "October spring ball" backdrop to this week.

I think Lambert can be what we need, but if that day comes in late November it's about a month too late. So the question really becomes, can Schottenheimer swallow his pride and gameplan his ass off? Can he coach up Bauta or Ramsey in time to make hay? If not, can he reinvent Lambert into an SEC quarterback?

If not, I'd just assume Richt pretend it's 2002 and tell the guys in the neon yellow caps that he's taking over and they can go ahead and burn that goddamn picture chart.

Whatever it takes to beat florida I'm fully onboard with.

Go Dawgs!