Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Thoughts on mild tropical depressions

This may be the easiest and the hardest post I've ever written. Because we didn't bring the thunder. We didn't bring the storm.

I thought things were different this time. But they were not even close. Not even remotely close.

I think my wife put it best in a Facebook post, the gist of which is how can we possibly continue to go all in when the coaches don't even bother to try? The seconds were draining from the half, we trailed by a score of 21-3, and yet we just watched the clock run out. While that may seem like picking nits, the truth is it speaks volumes.

The message was clear. "We don't have answers. We're giving up. We can't fight this fight anymore. We are looking forward to a break in this action."

What does that tell the fans in the rain soaked stands? What does that tell the players?

That's but one very small example, but what frustrates me most is this is a better team than we had three years ago. If Alabama is the measuring stick, then the 2015 Georgia Bulldogs were best equipped to taking the tackle football program to the next level.

Up until we kicked off yesterday.