Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday's Additional Thought on not having an SEC-ready quarterback

I've been told to simmer down on this point; that I'm not being a true fan, I don't understand the game, I don't understand quarterback play, or I just don't realize our increased efforts in recruiting. But I think it bears repeating after it became so glaringly obvious yesterday.

Let's face one fact before a couple points. We are in that game yesterday if Lambert makes just a couple throws early. He missed Malcolm Mitchell on a progression read on the first play from scrimmage. To be fair, he made a beautiful pass later to 26 for a big gain.  But the former would've been a touchdown. The latter just seemed to tighten the Bama secondary's resolve.

Insert Ramsey and all hell breaks loose. Bauta never attempted a pass.

I'll admit once more that we've been spoiled by Aaron Murray. Hell, we were spoiled last season with Hutson Mason without even realizing it. And I still believe Greyson Lambert can be what we need him to be. He can progress in his adjustment to the SEC and having multiple offensive threats at his disposal. But he got here in July and quickly pulled ahead of the other guys who've been on campus a few seasons. Whether you like it or not, that falls squarely on coaching and recruiting.

Because last night we had the talent at every position to compete with Alabama, except one. And it cost us an embarrassing loss. We're the University of Georgia. We should have someone ready for that game.