Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday's Thoughts on my knee jerking

Special teams - We punt into the endzone but can't kickoff into it. WTF?

Defense - Tennessee did exactly what we knew they were going to do. Is the Butts-Mehre DVR broke? Do I need to send a copy of the Florida-Missouri game in? And the tackling was pee-wee poor.

Offense - Only accounted for 17 points on a day we lost our star running back on the first play from scrimmage. That's a mixed bag as there were some great plays and some awful ones. But we're not doing much to get playmakers into space. There are times I feel like it's still early September and the playbook is only a few pages long.

Emotion - We played with little to none. Was that a deliberate 180 because of the pre-game warmups before the Bama game? I don't know. But I don't like it.

Where does Richt look to right the ship on a season getting tossed around the stormy sea? I'd start with emotion.