Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Discussions on the table

Repeat after me..."Program first. Always."

So much temptation to spout off about "December decisions". So much gravy there y'all. But, there's a game this week. I don't care if it's Richt last game, next to last, or the next of a hundred more. Let's join hands and focus together.

They beat us last year. That was awful. Remember?
The AJC's Mark Bradley, Jeff Shultz, and Paul
Johnson celebrate 'tween the hedges.

Discussions not on the table until at least supper time Saturday:
  1. Schoddy gotta go! Sure, I was just talking about how this is Richt's worst hire since he promoted fourth and Willie. But we can talk about this later. Trust me. TRUST ME! Refocus point: how can we move the ball against this terrible defense? Is Keith Marshall finally healthy? Does our schoddy OC have the stones to bend ol' turkey neck over and make him gobble?
  2. Pruitt is done. Defense has played lights out of late. Let's just turn our heads away from whatever it was he may or may not have done last month and focus on stopping this vaunted option offense. Refocus point: how can we create turnovers for our schoddy offense? How can Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins improve upon what they did last week?
  3. Richt is done. He owns these bastards. Whether you like the man or not, you owe him the support of rooting and cheering and believing and barking and kicking their ass yet again at Historic Mark Richt Field. Refocus point: get your head out of your ass.
  4. We're going to lose anyway. Refocus point: 1) you're at the wrong blog again dumbass. 2) you're getting real late for your jump onto the Auburn bandwagon. 3) you're tater tots are burning and Michael Wilbon's mom would like a word at the top of the stairs.
Discussions that are on the table with the stuffing and the gravy and the turkey leg(s) and the pumpkin pie and the handle of bourbon and the sweet potatoes and the stuffing again and the fork you forgot to use at the in-laws' table and your wife is glaring at you again:
  1. Why we should always beat Tech and why this is an important game despite what you just read on twitter and the dawgvent and your second cousin that took 12 semester hours of classes on North Avenue's facebook feed.
We beat Tech. We do it TOGETHER!! Because if we don't, we're no better than they are.

Not much left to say, except y'all enjoy some family and friends the next couple days, don't patron any business that forces employees to work during a God honest Holiday, and I'll see you back here Friday morning. And also, don't be a dipshit. Go Dawgs! 

Oh, and repeat after me again...Program first, always. ALWAYS. Beating tech is good for Georgia. Period!