Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Misery - "propelled by some mysterious drive"

A few things before I call an audible.
1. This was a hectic travel week.
B. The several paragraphs for this post I did manage to write were chop blocked garbage.
4. Y'all know already I want to win this game.
And C. I've grown tired of being that guy standing on his lawn yelling into a tornado to get of my lawn.

So today, something different. I mean, only two of you are actually at home instead of in a line at a Wal-Mart to save $50 on a 27" flat screen, and have internet connectivity, and aren't in a food coma. Meanwhile, the family and I have about 500 miles to cover between my in-laws and my birthday bourbon. So, let's chat! Most of I-85 has decent cell signal.

To participate you must be over eighteen years of age, you have to watch the video (NSFW) below as it is today's theme song, and you have to have already read every single #FridayMisery in its entirety. Or, at least a half of one.

And please, send in your qualified comments/questions. Preferably in the comments below, but you can also tweet one to me with #FridayMisery tagged (for disclosure and publication approval) and I'll find a way to add it.

Now, some narcissism, some OCD. (again, NSFW)



..   ....  ....

What? You need inspiration? C'mon man. Let's beat the enginerds! Go Dawgs!